Asher College Tree #749

All of our decorations are hand-made by our students and staff, to celebrate the spirit of the "Asher Way". The Asher Way is a simple philosophy that is the core of Asher College, and allows each of us to maximize our potential for personal growth and career success. Through evaluating our current reality and creating a vision of our best future, we use goal-setting and affirmations to improve our lives. Our ornaments represent the courses we study, the career paths we pursue, and the inspiration that helps us reach our goals as employer-ready graduates.

Asher College is an accredited and VA approved Career College, providing financial Aid for those who qualify. Asher College provides training in Information Technology, Medical and Business programs. For more than 15 years, we have been empowering motivated professionals to enhance their careers and improve their earning potential. We understand the needs of the students and offer the most flexible schedule combined with hands on learning and one on one instruction. When you graduate from Asher College, you have the skills that the employers are looking which means to get the job done and done well.

We help the community by providing FREE PC Repair to clients from outside. This is done in our PC Clinic which is operated by our students and staff and provides a valuable experience to our students in terms of customer service and technical skills.

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