dc408 Tree #710

The tree was decorated with circuit board project kits that were hand soldered by dc408 members and their families. The group members donated money individually for the kits and supplies. Many volunteered their time to complete the wiring and design. Others made it out to help decorate the tree once the lighting, wiring, and ornaments had been completed.

The decorations were selected to represent some of the many technical interests of dc408 while allowing members to learn, practice, or tutor soldering and basic hardware design. Each circuit board ornament uses LED lights and were made with lead free solder. All of the ornaments and the EL (electroluminescent) wires have been connected to custom made master DC distribution blocks. They have no more than a 1200 mAMP draw at 9 volts or 4.09 BTUs per hour. Our tree is highly energy efficient, with the combined power consumption of the lighting and ornaments using only the equivalent of a single 75ct LED strand of Christmas lights. The tree is RoHs compliant, meeting all safety and environmental standards.

dc408 is the official Silicon Valley chapter of DefCon Groups. DefCon is the worlds largest and longest running security conference in the world. DefCon Groups allow people all over the world to meet locally to build community, friendships, and teach each other new skills within the security and technology fields.

The dc408 meetings are open to the public and we welcome everyone from spectators to beginners to experts in everything from Information Technology, Information Security, lockpicking, hardware and software engineering, ham radio, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and pretty much anything in between. Its a great way to learn new skills, share an interesting project you are working on, or just show up to meet other people in your area with similar interests and passions.

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