College of Adaptive Arts Tree #616

We are a new model of collegiate experience and community engagement for adults with disabilities. Our motto is "Lifelong collegiate experience through exposure, experience, and friendships." Our vision is to develop contributing community citizens.

The CAA Student Leadership Team led the decorating effort. The theme of the tree is " A CAA Cardinal Holiday." This theme was chosen because the school mascot is the Cardinal, and it is also an iconic red holiday bird. The other ornaments represent the schools of study and departments within CAA such as Language Arts, P.E., TV, Film-Making, Music, and Visual Arts, Dance, and Theatre Arts.

CAA just celebrated its 5th Anniversary and we have been decorating a tree every year since the doors opened. This is an incredibly festive event for the students to enjoy, and gives the families another lovely holiday tradition to look forward to every year.

The dance, stage performance, and cheerleading classes include touring ensembles and the students perform at schools and other community venues, including special events and amusement parks. CAA's Graduate TV Production Crew has a family-friendly show on local access CreaTV channels. The film department sponsors an annual "Celebrating Abilities! Film Festival" each year. CAA's golf team sponsors golf tournaments. The Student Leadership Council sponsors charitable activities for other local nonprofits. Many other activities occur throughout the year as well, connecting the students to their community.

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