Humanist Community - Silicon Valley Tree #367

Humanist Community provides a place for humanists and other freethinkers to get together and build a caring community and let others know we exist. Our decorators were members of the Humanist Community who like the idea of being represented in the bigger community and share things important to us.

An important theme for our tree were pictures of Humanists who have contributed significantly towards building a better world of freedom of thought, progress for helping humanity achieving better lives and the importance of the individual. Our decorations are hand made drawings from images and pictures important to Humanists.

Our group has participated for some 5-10 years. We do this because we believe in community and enjoy the opportunity to be part of this important event.

Our annual participation in Christmas in the Park has been a happy event for us bringing us together to produce something we can feel proud of. After the decorating those involved meet in the home of one of our nearby members for hot chocolate, etc.

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