Yakult U.S.A. Inc Tree #754

We have employees and their families help decorate the tree over Thanksgiving weekend. The kids especially enjoy decorating the tree and gives them a sense of pride and an opportunity to share their accomplishment with their friends.

Each year we like to incorporate our unique bottles into our Christmas tree decor. This year we made our star out of recycled bottles of Yakult and inserted lights into each bottle so our star can shine bright at night! We have sponsored a tree at Christmas in the Park for the past 4 years and it has quickly become a tradition for our employees and their families. Christmas in the Park has given Yakult an opportunity to give back to the community in a very special way.

Yakult's mission is to contribute to the health and happiness of every person around the world through the pursuit of excellence in life sciences and the study of microorganisms. We continue to spread the message of preventive medicine and the benefits of probiotics, such as Lactobacillus casei Shirota. One by one, city by city, country by country, we deliver this message in the shape of a small bottle - a bottle that contains around 8 billion live and active good bacteria.

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