The Amanda Network Tree #671

Our theme was "WE ARE ONE". At all the Amanda network presentations we give everyone bookmarks that says we are one. From space when you look at the earth there are no lines saying that this is this country or this is that country. On the tree you'll see 20 different languages, which are spoken in Santa Clara County that say, "WE ARE ONE".

The Amanda Network, Anti-Bullying Campaign was launched on December 11, 2009. This was the one year anniversary of Amanda Suzanne Brownell's suicide attempt at Del Mar High School in San Jose, California due to bullying and Cyberbullying. Her mother Ann has shared Amanda's story to schools, youth groups, parents, teachers, school staff and the local and international media. Her story has been aired in Germany, USA & Latin America.

This tree was decorated by Amanda's parents Jim and Ann Brownell with help from Mark Gonzales.

We give everybody purple wristbands that say "The Amanda Network Stop Bullying". We also make purple fleece scarves to use as symbols of: peace, royalty, bravery and that you are against all forms of bullying and believe that world peace is possible! We are always looking for volunteer help or donations to keep this non profit campaign going.

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