Atheist Community of San Jose Tree #611

The Atheist Community of San Jose (ACSJ) provides opportunities for philanthropy, socializing, education, and friendship. We promote a positive public perception of atheism, and work with other organizations toward common goals.

Many people prepared ornaments that reflected their personal perspective on what the holiday season means to them, focusing on the secular aspects that unite people rather than the ideologies that may divide them.

The Atheist Community of San Jose was founded in April 2013, so this is our first opportunity to participate in such an event. By participating this year, our hope is to begin to demonstrate to people of all perspectives and world views that community and service to others transcends any particular ideology.

We participate in a variety of community service activities such as blood drives, volunteering at local food banks, and volunteering in local schools. The Atheist Community of San Jose accepts monetary gifts from those who support secular values and positive atheism.

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