Mrs. Pascoal's 3rd/4th Grade Class Valle Vista Elementary School Tree #397

Students from Mrs. Pascoal's 3rd/4th Class at Valle Vista Elementary decorated the class tree. The students volunteered to come and help put up the ornaments the students made in class.

We chose a candy cane and winter theme. This way the students who do not celebrate Christmas could participate in the festivities. Our ornaments were made from pipe cleaners and beads, and we also used paint to make sun catchers.

This is the second year I have had my classroom decorate a tree. Last year my students enjoyed it so much, I decided to decorate a tree again this year. Since I have a combination class most of my fourth graders also participated last year.

Schools are always in need of help and donations. My school is on the East Side of San Jose and many students are lower income. So any help for the school or my class is always appreciated.

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