Little Flowers of St. Therese Catholic Girls Club Tree #376

The Little Flowers of St. Therese is a Catholic Girls Club in San Jose. We meet monthly for games, crafts, tea, and talks on how to practice the virtues and learn from the saints. Our girls go home and spend the month completing a list of activities that help them practice the virtue of the month. As they succeed they receive a badge for their sash. Our group is based on the on the spirituality of St. Therese of Lisieux, the little flower, and her "Little Way."

Our group has been meeting for nearly three years and we have covered / studied nearly 27 virtues, from Faith to Eutrapelia. Each virtue is related to a saint and also to a flower. For example, when we studied humility we also learned about the violet and St. Catherine Laboure. The girls learn that every flower has its own beauty as does every virtue and saint and are invited to offer flowers of good deeds and sacrifices by practicing the virtues. The girls and their families really enjoy the true meaning of the virtues once they study them. For example, it was a great eye-opener for the girls to realize that Friendship is not so much about having friends but about being a friend. How much more the circle of amiability opens up with a greater emphasis on being a friend!

We are always in need of prayers for our girls and all young people to live lives centered on our Lord Jesus Christ.

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