Del Mar High School Leo Club Tree #274

The tree was sponsored by Cupertino Host Lions Club and decorated by students from Del Mar High School member of the Leo club, dedicated to do community service in elementary school and local events.

Our tree is decorated with people holding hands, carrying a lettering in their shirts like: Love, Laugh, Care, Help, Peace, Lions, Leos and so on. It represents our Unity of Purpose and our strength "Community Diversity" and is dedicated to all our youth reminding them that we can make the difference in our communities one project at a time.

This is our fifth year and we have made it a tradition to have breakfast all together after decorating the tree. Same morning we go shopping for canned food and toys and set up Christmas Basket to be given to families in our community

By staying busy while helping other, we stay out of trouble and received the satisfaction of being useful. Please consider joining the Lions or Leo club in your community. Together, we can make the difference! Thanks Cupertino Lions Club for your sponsorship and continued support! WE SERVE!

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