Remembering our Angels Tree #210

We gather names of children that have passed too soon. We make ornaments with the name of each child that we have collected from all over the US and Internationally.

We have been decorating a tree at Christmas in the Park for over 4 years. The first year our tree was called SIDS Tree, then we started to add babies and children who have passed of other illnesses or accidents.

This year we used the Angel's Feather Ornament, a clear ornament with a feather and an Angel's name.

A feather from an Angel
Is one we hardly ever see.
But these are quite different,
And special as can be.
These feathers are a reminder of a special person's love who is now your Guardian Angel watching and protecting from above

In Memory of Rhiana Jade Soriano 11/28/93-02/03/94

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