Silicon Valley Flex Academy Tree #127

Silicon Valley Flex Academy is a tuition-free, accredited public charter school serving grades 6-12 in Santa Clara County. Our innovative program offers a student-centered, blended learning experience with small class instruction and online learning.

Tree decorating was open to ALL students to come out and help decorate their school tree. We were very fortunate to have several students representing both schools, as well as staff and our Head of School participate in decorating our trees. It was a great time for all to bond outside of the school environment.

Our theme was Our Wishes for the World. We wanted our students to reflect on our schools core values; citizenship, responsibility, respect and scholarship and how those core values we expect of our students can be applied to wishes for the world. Each student was given a plain white Christmas ornament in which they were to write their wish to the world. It was incredible to see the students working together and discussing what their gift would be and why and amazing to read what their gifts wereSTOP BULLYING, END RACISM, EDUCATION FOR ALLtruly amazing.

Our school has been actively involved in helping the community of Morgan Hill, Gilroy and San Martin by hosting a book fair at our local bookstore, BookSmart and donating these newly purchased books to Community Solutions, holding a competitive-friendly canned food drive between middle school and high school to donate one thousand cans to the Second Harvest Food Bank, and participating in the Christmas Angel Program at the Loving and Learning Education Center by donating clothing and toys to three families through this program.

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