Latin American Student Organization Tree #109

We chose Latin American flags to show that we learn about every different country and also because these countries are a minority in our school. The pictures of the members were taken so we can realize why they love LASO and why they decided to be a part of this project. All our ornaments were handmade and recycled thanks to our amazing Advisor and parents.

Our group helps engage Latinos in the community and fight the stereotypes, while performing service and cultural awareness. The most active members of LASO chose to help decorate the tree.

LASO performs activities such as volunteering at the shelter, collecting materials for Latin American countries in need, promoting our culture around the school, and participating in local community and international projects such as the Guatemala Daycare Project and Univision's Teleton.

This is the first year our group has decorated a tree and hopefully it will continue as a tradition.

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