Piedmont Hills High School's Vietnamese Student Association Tree #708

We are a cultural club that celebrates Vietnamese culture through socializing and volunteering. This is our first year decorating a tree at Christmas in the Park but we've decorated trees for our hallways in school.

Our tree follows a gold and red color scheme to resemble the Vietnamese flag. Our ornaments include gold and red ornaments and clear ornaments that contain a rice hat. Each rice hat was handcrafted by a member and has an aspect of the Vietnamese culture, such as native plants and flowers, Vietnamese phrases, and the different types of food. Finally, our tree is topped off with a Vietnamese signature: a rice hat!

Our tree was decorated by our club's cabinet (Jennifer Nguyen, Lilyan Nguyen, Lisa Nguyen, Leanne Tran, and Bryan Truong), advisor (Ms. Angie Nguyen), past officers (Khristina Magallanes and Tiffany Tran), and alum member (Lawrence Tran). Each member of our club also contributed to the tree by making a rice hat that is displayed in a glass ornament. Our tree was open to the general for decorating but we've asked our past officers and member to help us specifically because they were the ones who gave us the idea of having a tree at Christmas in the Park.

We usually don't spend too much time together outside of our club duties so decorating the tree was very fun for the cabinet, advisor, and alums. Because tree decorating was such an enjoyable experience, we hope our future officers will make it a tradition to have a tree and decorate it together as well.

We do our best to help our local community here in San Jose and to help that of Vietnam as well. In San Jose, we partake in donation drives, fairs, library events, meal preparations, and awareness events. We also hold fundraisers here and donations drives for charities in Vietnam.

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