Silicon Valley Interschool Council (SVIC) Tree #703

The Silicon Valley Interschool Council is a non-profit organization in which teens from local schools utilize their broad networking for the benefit of the community. The Silicon Valley Interschool Council accomplishes this by recognizing local issues, raising awareness, and taking initiative to solve those issues. There is one representative from each high school in the county and SVIC represents over 50,000 students. SVIC is composed of 100% student members.

This was our second year having a tree in Christmas in the Park as we are a newer group. SVIC started in 2010. The students in our organization from various schools volunteered to decorate the tree.

Our tree represents two of our biggest campaigns: Buy One Supply One and Not Another. We have pencils and other school supplies on the tree to represent the Buy One Supply One in which each school collects school supplies that we donate to the School Health Clinics of Santa Clara County. In our Not Another Campaign, we take a stand against drunk driving as we ask students to sign a pledge promising not to drink and drive or get into the car of someone who has been drinking and driving. Once they take the pledge, students receive a wristband with the words "Not Another" on it as a reminder of their pledge. These bracelets were also used to decorate the tree.

Our group benefits the teenagers of our community as we bring awareness of problems such as drunk driving, obesity, bullying, stress, etc. and try to propose solutions for them. Some of the groups that are our partners are People Acting in Community Together (PACT), School Health Clinics, Project Cornerstone, Almaden Cares.
We help the community, but we also receive a lot of help from the community. We are always looking to expand our membership, so if a school is not represented in our group, then contact one of us.

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