Almaden Las Madres Playgroup Tree #381

Tiny hands and little feet - these angels represent something sweet! Each handmade angel ornament on the tree consists of the handprints and footprint of a child in the Las Madres Almaden 2011 playgroup. There are over 30 children represented on this year's tree. These kids and moms have enjoyed getting to know each other over the last two years.

The Las Madres Almaden playgroup meets for regular play dates at parks, houses, libraries, coffee shops, and other fun outings throughout the year. In addition to play dates, the moms in the group strive to serve the community. At our holiday party this year, we collected books to donate to Toys For Tots, and some moms will also volunteer at The Family Giving Tree in December.

Four moms from the Las Madres Almaden playgroup graciously volunteered to spend their morning decorating the tree. Even a few of the little ones came along to "help!"

Las Madres is a volunteer-run organization founded in 1953 that seeks to provide a network of neighborhood playgroups that connect families with children born in the same year. The playgroups extend over much of Santa Clara County and provide mothers, fathers, and caretakers with educational information on parenting as well as providing children with an opportunity to make new friends.

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