Team-M taekwando Tree #368

Team-M is an elite, non-profit Taekwondo demonstration team that started in San Jose, CA in 2004. Since then, the demo team has performed and competed at more than 250 events throughout the nation and world. Our members train in a 2-car garage, so we are humbled to be able to have the opportunity to be ambassadors of Taekwondo - to introduce people to the art, to spread it, and most of all to respect it.

All of our decorations were handmade. Each member put something personal, like achievements or goals related to their own Taekwondo journeys.

Less than a week after decorating our tree, six of our members traveled to Tunja, Colombia to compete in the 2012 World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships, as representatives of the US National Taekwondo Poomsae Team ("Poomsae" means forms). The competition was held from December 6th 9th, with approximately 60 teams from around the world competing. This year was especially exciting because the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) introduced Freestyle Poomsae, which incorporates the traditional techniques of Taekwondo with the creativity of athletes. Five of the athletes earned a Bronze Medal in the Team Freestyle division - Coach Anh Nguyen (San Jose, CA), Coach Long Nguyen (San Jose, CA), Hazel Cruz (Hayward, CA), Kody Han (Rosemead, CA), Amber Rodriguez (Reseda, CA).

Additionally, to celebrate the introduction of the new Freestyle Poomsae competition, the WTF held an online video contest to promote and create enthusiasm for divisions at the 2012 World Championships. At the World Championships, Coach Anh Nguyen was recognized and awarded a Gold Medal as the winner of the 1st World Taekwondo Federation Freestyle Poomsae Video Contest.

Overall, the competition marks a major milestone for the US as it has won the most medals in a World Poomsae Championships.

We enjoy giving back to the community throughout the year with several community service projects. We try to stay active within the community with events like the annual Holiday Teen and Toy Shoppe, which lets underprivileged youth have an authentic Christmas experience by helping them choose their own Christmas presents, as well as local clean up events like The Great American Litter Pick Up.

We are also proud to host fundraiser events, like Hope for Japan. Following the catastrophic earthquake and Tsunami in Japan in 2011, Team-M Taekwondo raised about $6,000 over a two month span for the victims of the tragedy by obtaining sponsorship, managing an online t-shirt campaign, and partnering with the Red Cross and San Jose Council member Kansen Chu to host a fundraiser show with other local performance groups.

Since we are a non-profit organization, we also appreciate the continued generous support from the community. Like last year when we were able to raise about $15,000 of scholarships to help shoulder the financial burden of six of our athletes that competed in Russia at last year's World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships.

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