The Others Bicycle Club Tree #332

This is our bicycle clubs first time to sponsor a tree in the park.

We all enjoy building and riding custom cruisers. As a majority of us grew up in or near San Jose we were looking to do some thing for the community. Right away we planned a Toys4Tots ride to raise donations that the Marines collect in the park. After two great turn outs we wanted to do more and suggested we take part with a tree and with all the social networking bring more to donate toys and see the tree.

It's exciting to bring the kids and our loved ones out and say, "Hey, there is our tree!" Just a great way to bring us together for the holidays.

Our tree was decorated by Ruben Flores, Eric Burke, Angelo Bayan, Dexter Ibana, and Edwin Delos Santos Puentes. They set aside time to help me surprise the rest of the club with the tree.

To include everyone we printed up a picture from each members bike from our Nor.Cal and Nomad members. Since we are a bicycle club we also included random bike parts around the tree. It was a simple way to include all and represent what we are about.

To keep with club standards of course we planned a meeting place to start and I backpacked our decor as we cruised our way around downtown stopping for food and refreshments. It was pretty exciting for all of I must say.

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