Bikers Against Child Abuse Tree #307

We are BACA Bikers Against Child Abuse. There are 9 Chapters in California. Silicon Valley is one of the newer chapters to be formed. In addition to becoming a presence in the life of wounded children, BACA also provides for the children by attending court proceedings and parole hearings with them, escorting them to and from school or errands if necessary, and many other ways to insure that the children are free from fear and can return to their previous level of adaptive functioning.

Our tree was decorated by members and supporters. Since we are a new chapter, we don't have any children that have been "adopted" into the BACA family. We plan to have our BACA kids help decorate.

Our decorations are the BACA logo and the Patch that is worn on the back of every member. Red represents the "blood shed by wounded children", white represents the "innocence of the children", black represents the "dark times the child goes through", the fist represents "our commitment to stop child abuse", the skull and crossbones is the symbol to the "death to child abuse", and the chains represent "our united organization."

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