Oak Grove Neighborhood Association Tree #301

This is the first year decorating a tree. We are a neighborhood association in South San Jose within District 2. We bring together the community through various events throughout the year and also seek to educate the residents about pressing issues affecting our city and our community. We provide residents in our area with the platform to communicate with city leaders using a unified voice.

The folks who joined in decorating the tree were various neighbors within our neighborhood association boundary. We chose to use various stocking which were designed by different neighbors in our area. Also, we used street signs to give people a sense as to where our association is located. In addition, we wanted to make certain that anyone looking at the tree would be able to figure out who we were so we used handmade circles which contained a laminated letter which spelled our Oak Grove Neighborhood Association. The top of the tree had a wood D2 which signifies the district we reside in.

We met about one week before and used the time to decorate the stockings and cut out the lettering for the decorations. It was a good opportunity to meet neighbors and enjoy food and hot chocolate in a festive atmosphere.

We strive to let people know we exist. Since we are a relatively new organization, we attempt to have community events such as Budget training sessions, meetings where officers visit to discuss the "climate" of our area. We also have adopted our local park (Coy Park) and we are always looking for folks to help maintain the park through painting over graffiti and other such tasks.

We have also participated in various neighborhood cleanups and are interested in partnering somehow with Oak Grove High School.

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