Mrs. Patterson's 3rd Grade Class Tree #254

My third grade Vinci Park Elementary students, Stephen and Nicholas, along with their mother, volunteered to help me decorate our classroom tree. The twins have helped their grandmother and teacher at another school decorate a tree for many years. They convinced me that our class should decorate a tree this year. I agreed and the fun began!

Another of my student's father is in the Army and away from home. Having this in mind we decided to decorate and dedicate our tree to all troops past and present for everything they did and do to keep us free and safe.

Each of our ornaments was made either by recycling or repurposong materials. We decorated CD disks, foam balls, apple juice bottles filled with red, white, and blue curly ribbon), and cups were made into bells. Garlands, candy canes and stars were also placed on the tree. All the decorations were red, white, and blue with patriotic designs and themes. As students completed their regular assignments, they made an ornament for our tree. Every student took pride in making at least 5 ornaments for our tree .

As we are from a moderate income neighborhood, and a PI school, help from the community is always welcome.

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