Metropolitan Adult Education Tree #210

For the past several years, our MAEP and CalWORKs students have enjoyed coming up with creative themes for spreading the word of the importance of education. It's never too late to go back to school!

The ornaments were made by our students. The theme this year was "Live to Learn." There were school supplies that were made into ornaments, such as pens, pencils, rulers, calculators, glue and scissors. There were also motivational words written on glass ornaments such as "believe, hope, and love." There were stars with dreams and wishes written on them too. Students wish to "complete their GED, be a good example for their children, get a good job, etc." Tassels and a graduation cap decorated the tree too, symbolizing completion of the classes and obtaining their certificates of completion.

CalWORKs Site Representative, Jennifer Smith, decorated the tree this year.

MetroED is the largest career-oriented educational organization in Santa Clara County comprised of high school and adult career-technical, academic and community programs. MetroED annually provides more than 20,000 diverse students with the skills to help them be productive, income earning and tax-paying contributors to Santa Clara County.

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