San Jose Garden Club Tree #131

Our group is The San Jose Garden Club, and this was our first year decorating a tree.

We are a social group that promotes the love of gardening through outings & speakers. We also have a yearly fundraiser that helps us support groups such as La Mesa Verde & Veggielution which in turn help low income families grow fresh vegetables.

A committee of 10 members decided on the decorations and decorated the tree. The members volunteered for the job.

We wanted our tree to reflect our interest in gardening. We decided that it should look like a tree you might find in your yard, just with garden themed decorations. We used succulents attached to foam snowflakes, laminated seed packets, and small terra cotta pots hung like bells. We topped the tree with a painted bird house surrounded by dried hydrangeas. Below the tree we placed large pinecones on a skirt of burlap.

The San Jose Garden Club supports La Mesa Verde (part of Sacred Heart Charities) and Veggilution (a program in Prusch Park). Our yearly fundraiser is held on the first Saturday in May. We sell plants that have been propagated by members, and gardening related things, such as, pots, vases, and tools.

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