R.J. Fisher Middle School Lunchtime Buddies Tree #367

The Fisher Special Day Class (special education students) worked with general ed students and resource students to complete the wreaths. They were selected to build positive social skills and rapport between groups of students who may not otherwise interact academically on campus. It is a great opportunity for our students to be able to see their work publicly. They also get to share the decoration experience over multiple days. The art element of the project is a way to reinforce their creative strengths instead of focusing on academic struggles.

The decorations are wreaths which are also symbolic of the circle of friendship. This is a key element of our work to build positive peer relationships and common experiences for students.

We have decorated the tree for five years now. The groups change each year with the students, but we know that students who participated in the past continue to visit Christmas in the Park to see how new trees are decorated.

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