AIM Early Intervention Program Tree #365

This is our 6th or 7th year and we participate to introduce our program and the children to the community, to put faces to the the "label" developmental disability, and also to encourage our families to go out with their children to see "their tree" and explore the park with other families.

Our ornaments celebrate the faces and the children receiving our services. To allow teachers and therapist to share their pride about the hard work both they and the children/families do to reach very successful outcomes. Outcomes as simple as learning to stand or walk, to feed oneself, or to communicate.

The AIM staff, teachers and therapist donated their time to make ornaments and decorate tree. Shows children/toddlers and staff who are part of our San Jose site and also of our Morgan Hill site.

The AIM Program is a private not for profit organization funded mostly by the State of California with some donations and occasionally grant money. Because of State budget cuts, we are in great need of working capitol. We can accept checks or cash mailed to our main site in San Jose or donations via our web site and Paypal account.

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