Heroes Taekwondo Academy Tree #341

All of the students at Heroes Taekwondo Academy were invited to make an ornament. We wanted all of our students to be represented. The HTA Competition Club met in the morning to decorate the tree. Each student made an ornament. The ornament consisted of their picture on a blue glitter circle with the HTA logo. Each student put their ornament together. The staff then laminated each ornament.

The HTA Competition Club is a close knit group of HTA students who have been invited to join the club. They work and train hard. HTA will celebrate it's second anniversary March 2012.

This is HTA's first year of participating in Christmas in the Park. HTA felt participating in Christmas in the Park would be a great experience for all our students. It is a great way to participate in a San Jose Tradition. We had a great time with our students and their families.

We had a great time decorating!! We are very proud of our Christmas tree and our school.

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