Angels on Stage Tree #147

The Angels (our actors/actresses with special needs) come out and decorate our tree. They are all performers in our upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland.

This is our 4th year decorating a tree for Christmas in the Park. We began participating the year we were founded and each year it has become a tradition for us to have a themed tree based on our production for that season. Our first season we only had 44 children and performed the Wizard of Oz, for Season 2 we performed the Jungle Book, for Season 3 we performed Aladdin, now in our 4th season we are serving 100 children and performing Alice in Wonderland.

Angels on Stage was founded in San Jose, and we believe Christmas in the Park is a great place to showcase our organization to our local community. Additionally, we've performed at Christmas in the Park each year, on the community stage. The decorations represent the characters in our upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland. Each of white rabbit clocks have images of our Angels (actors) this season.

We are always looking for volunteer support as our organization is non-profit and volunteer-based. We have a buddy coach program, where volunteers team up with the Angels and help coach them with their lines, dances and general theatre support. Additionally, we have volunteers help with production support such as sets, costumes, props and various other areas. Additionally, we're always in the need of financial donation or items such as sound equipment, lumber, fabric, microphones, lighting etc.

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