St. John Vianney Catholic School Tree #124

Various people within our school community completed our St. John Vianney School Tree for Christmas in the Park. The main members involved belong to our school Student Council, along with their moderators, Yvonne Chavez and Nicole Barrack, as well as our Program Director, Anna Moore and her two children.

Our Student Council members this year eagerly created angels as our main decoration for our tree. As a Catholic School, one of our goals is to make this world a better place for others and to care for the creations that God has given us. Thus, it was only reasonable for us to use decorations that were handmade using recyclable items that would not add to our carbon footprint, as our main ornament for the tree.

An angel is a common symbol that coincides with the Christmas holiday and our Catholic faith, and was implemented as a sign of the angels that are within each of our students at St. John Vianney School. We also added our personal touches by using some cloth of our school uniforms to show our school spirit and tied these colors into the entire tree, from the tree skirt, to the star that is atop of our tree.

Our green and gold Viking school colors were undoubtedly added as well to help make our tree stand out from the rest of the surrounding Diocesan trees! We as a school enjoyed this experience and hope to make this a tradition within our school again.

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