Milpitas High School AVID Tree #711

Milpitas High School AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a 4 year elective course. Many of these students are the first in their family who will make it to college. Most students need extra support to succeed and the guidance to take rigorous course work.

A representative from each class level decorated the tree. The Junior and Sophomore representative was voted to go by their classmates. At the Freshman level, the teacher selected the student based on their class performance. At the Senior level, two students were selected based on their performance in the class and their role model qualities since they would be working with the younger AVID students.

This is the first year that AVID has decorated a tree. This year the team of AVID teachers has been working on doing activities with the 4 classes to create a stronger program and so the kids get to know each other. This was a perfect opportunity for our kids to share their future dreams with the community and to bond with each other.

AVID is always in need of professionals from the community who are willing to visit our classes as guest speakers to share their college and career experiences. AVID has expenses such as field trips (college campus tours), PSAT registration fees (mandatory assignments), and college application fees (mandatory fees). Item donations that can be used as prizes for students are also appreciated. Dry erase markers and white board erasers are also heavily used in the class.

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