Milpitas High School Latino Student Union Tree #710

Milpitas High School LSU (Latino Student Union) is a club that shares the richness and diversity of the Latino cultures and promotes the importance of education among Latinos for a successful future. About fifteen members of the club, including our advisor, volunteered to come and decorate our Christmas tree. It was a fun experience working together and getting to know each other more.

This is LSU's first year at MHS and we thought it would be a great opportunity to decorate a tree in downtown San Jose. It was a perfect opportunity to share their cultures to the community. We want to promote LSU and motivate students on the importance of education among Latinos.

The theme of our tree is to represent the different Latino cultures and to "Reach for the Stars". LSU strongly believes that anything is possible if you just have faith in yourself. Most of the ornaments were handmade by the club members. Each club member designed their own ornament representing the different Latino cultures. We are all proud of our cultures and we want to represent the Latino community by displaying all the Latino countries.

LSU is always in need of professionals from the community who are willing to visit our club as guest speakers to share their college and carrer experiences. LSU has expenses such as field trips (college campus tours), t-shirts, school activities (Latino holiday displays), and scholarships for students. Item donations that can be used as prizes for students are also appreciatws.

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