Wilcox High School New Life Campus Outreach Club Tree #704

Our theme for this year's tree is "Faith, Hope and Love," which is based upon the Bible verse found in 1 Corinthians 13:13. The ornaments include club members photos and a Bible verse "Believe in the Light so that you may become children of the Light," John 12:36.

This is the fourth year our club members have enjoyed decorating! It's a fun time to get to know one another better, and we stop for an ice cream treat afterwards.

We are a service oriented club. We look for ways to help others, and to show God's love in practical ways. For example, when the Haiti earthquake struck, we organized a school-wide collection drive and brought in $1,054.00 to give to The American Red Cross. We support a little boy in India on a monthly basis through Compassion International. Just recently, we used club funds from our school Food Faire to purchase eight turkeys and other Thanksgiving type foods for City Team Ministries in San Jose.

Our largest effort is to raise nearly $5,000.00 to build a house in Mexico (about an hour south of Ensenada) for a family that is living in extreme poverty. We do various fundraisers throughout the year to raise the funds. The house building is through YUGO Ministries (yugo.com). Our club would gladly and thankfully accept any donations toward our project!

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