Brooktree School - Fourth Grade Tree #238

Our school has participated for a number of years. We try to get each grade level to decorate a tree. We participate to have our school be part of the community. It also give the students a sense of pride. When the students go down to Christmas in the Park with their families, they can show off the tree.

We also take our 4th and 5th grade classes down to Christmas in the Park to view the trees and see the other displays. The kids get very excited to see our school trees. They get even more excited when they can see their ornament.

We weren't going to participate this year due to the $25 fee. This would have meant that the money would have come out of our teacher budgets. Our principal was gracious enough to pay for each tree we were able to get.

Our school, Brooktree Elementary, can always use help from the community. We accept anything from people volunteering their time to financial contributions. With the budget situation the way it is, we have to get creative in the way we get help from the community, and are very thankful when people do help our school out.

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