American Indian Alliance Tree #209

Elders from the American Indian Alliance Council and a couple of community members decorated our tree.

Each year the AIA council ask the American Indian community to come up with different ideas for decorating the tree in Christmas in the park. This year's tree is made up of a Medicine Wheel (representing all nations, the earth and the sky), teepees (home), buffaloes (including the White Buffalo), Bears (Mountains/CA), turtles (Rivers), whales (Ocean), Dream Catchers (catching our good dreams and letting the bad one go thru), snow flakes (seasons), and a special pray that people will remember we are all connected and need to respect each other. The tree is off center to remind us that nature always reaches for the sun and we are not perfect.

The American Indian Alliance board and council would like to thank "Christmas in the Park" for picking our organization to participate this year.

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