Holy Family School Tree #114

This is our first year of decorating a tree and we hope not the last. Our students did all the work under teacher supervision. We have 2 honor groups who took on the responsibility for this project--The Njhs(National Junior Honor Society) and CjSF( California Junior Scholastic Federation). These are 7th and 8th graders who are either elected to the group or receive high grades and apply to join.

We are a Catholic elementary school in Almaden Valley that wants our students to be involved in community outreach. We are always looking for ways to direct them in order to participate in various activities.

Part of our philosophy is to make them responsible citizens and strong Catholic leaders. Christmas in the Park was a perfect opportunity for them to be able to give back and to shine out in the community. The students were very excited that they were able to do this.

We also require our students to do mandatory service starting in the 6th grade. As a whole school, our students and staff are committed to outreach and have many projects that they are involved in--from food drives to layette collections, each grade is working with an organization in a year-long relationship, providing items that are in need. Our parent community is very involved in helping the students.

If someone wanted to help, we take monetary donations or even items. Each class has a website with more information or our school website also offers suggestions on how to help.

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