2013 Featured Trees

December 25th

Wilcox High School New Life Campus Outreach Club

Topped with a silver glittery star at the top of the tree to symbolize the bright star that shone over the manger where Jesus was born, this tree is decorated with musical staffs with the club member's smiling faces.

December 24th

Biblioteca Teensreach

Laminated photos of activities this group has participated in and tin art ornaments inspired by Aztec images fill this tree decorated by teen group.

December 23rd

Interact District 5170

Handmade heart ornaments represent this club's community project that focuses on youth empowerment through arts and service, and sun ornaments represents their community project which sends Solar heated cookers to Afghan refugees.

December 22nd

Girl Scout Cadette Troop 61143

Handmade reindeer decorations adorn this tree decorated by the 6th grade Girl Scout Cadette troop from Campbell's St. Lucy School and Rolling Hills Middle School.

December 21st

Milpitas HS Latino Student Union

Ornaments on this tree pay tribute to famous/influential Latin American figures, with glass globes having cards from the lotera or Latin American flags painted on them.

December 20th

The LGBTQ Youth Space

Old t-shirts and other items laying around the Youth Space were used to make garland other decorations for this tree, topped with the rainbow flag to represent LGBTQ community pride.

December 19th

Brownie Troop 60330

Having fun with their troop's name, Brownie Troop 60330 decorated their tree as a cupcake.

December 18th

Services for Brain Injury

Ornaments made with colored paint and tissue paper represent the independent skills of individuals with brain injuries.

December 17th

Del Mar High School Leo Club

Reminding our youth that they can make a difference in our communities, the decorations on this tree are of people holding hands with words that include love, laugh, care, help, peace, lions, and Leos.

December 16th

Carden Academy of Almaden

Wishing peace for everyone around the world, the word peace is written on the ornaments in different languages.

December 15th

William C. Overfelt High School

This tree was themed after "The Grinch" to remind us the importance of community and generosity in these very difficult economic times, and that we can all change for the better.

December 14th

Horace Cureton Elementary

Making the ornaments was a lesson in physical science, with students learning how light will travel through transparent objects and be blocked by solid objects to create shadows.

December 13th

Harvest International Christian Church

Photos on this tree are of people who donated money towards supporting a child living in India, sponsored by the Harvest International Christian Church.

December 12th

Little Flowers of St. Therese Catholic Girls Club

The flower ornaments on this tree represent virtues that have been studied by the club members.

December 11th

Girl Scout Troop 60379

With their increasing knowledge of music, Girl Scout Troop 60379 decorated their tree with musical notes and songs they have learned.

December 10th

Downtown Scholars Child Development Center

Children aged two years to kindergarten created palm tree ornaments, letter ornaments and pine cone palm trees.

December 9th

Mrs. Pascoal's 3rd/4th Grade Class Valle Vista Elementary School

Students from Mrs. Pascoal's 3rd/4th Class used pipe cleaners, beads, and paint to make candy canes and sun catchers.

December 8th

Remembering our Angels

Clear ornaments with Angel feathers and names of children who have passed from illnesses or accidents adorn this tree.

December 7th

Latin American Student Organization

Latin American flags cover this tree to represent countries that members of the LASO have learned about, and pictures of the members show why they love LASO.

December 6th

Luso American YC #11

Youth members created ornaments with their name and picture, and finished the tree with Portuguese flags to represent their heritage.

December 5th

San Jose Woman's Club

Ornaments on this tree reflect the history, activities and events at the San Jose Woman's Club, dedicated to supporting San Jose's civic, cultural and educational organizations.

December 4th

Downtown College Prep

Ornaments represent the first book freshmen at Downtown College Prep finished this year with a bookmark showing how many books each student has read this school year.

December 3rd

Mt. Pleasant Cardinal Cheer Team

Handmade mini cheer pompoms decorations represent the energy and spirit that the cheerleaders bring to the games and events at Mt. Pleasant High School.

December 2nd

Atheist Community of San Jose

These ornaments reflect personal perspectives on what the holiday season means, focusing on the secular aspects that unite people rather than the ideologies that may divide them.

December 1st

Angel of Hope San Jose

Angels and butterflies adorn this tree dedicated to children and loved ones that have gone too soon.